Legal Information

Italy Travels is a travel agency authorized by the Florence Chamber of Commerce, registration number FI 603283, according to Italian and European law and deals.

Head office & Reservations
Italy Travels Srl – società unipersonale
Via de’ Ginori, 50123 Florence – Italy
Tel. +39 055 2670402
Fax: +39 055 217303


General letting insurance conditions for Italy Travels srl – Tour Operator

Authorisation granted by Provincia di Firenze
Insurance cover on the basis of the following law and European Community directive: art.3 L.R. 23 marzo 2000 n. 42; Legge 27 dicembre 1977 n. 1084; Direttiva 90/314/C.E.E. Del 13 giugno 1990 and contracted between Italy Travels Srl and Filo Diretto Assicurazioni with head offices in Agrate Brianza, Civil Responsability Insurance Policy no. 1505000449/R.

  • Insured name: Italy Travels srl, with offices in Florence in Via dei Fossi n.1 – P.IVA 06134820486.
  • Description of the risk insured: the insurance covers civil responsibility for running the business of Travel Agency, organiser and intermediary for the travel and the stays they have marketed.
  • Guaranteed cover and cover limits up to a maximum of the total capital, interest and costs of:
  • Maximum for each accident: Euro 2,100.000,00.
  • Maximum for each person: Euro 520.000,00.
  • Maximum for damages to things or animals even if they belong to other people: Euro 520.000,00.
  • The insurance is valid everywhere in the world.


Copyright Notice
copyright © Italy Travels s.r.l.
Via de’ Ginori, 9 – 50123 Firenze (FI) – Italy
All rights reserved

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