Which are the opening hours of the Uffizi Gallery?

The Uffizi Gallery is open from 08:15 to 18:30. During the summer season, every Tuesday the Uffizi Gallery closes at 22:00 and the last time of entrance is 20:00.

Are there weekly days off for the Uffizi Gallery?

Yes, the Uffizi gallery is closed on Mondays.

How long does it take to go from Uffizi to Accademia?

The distance from Uffizi to Accademia is a 15 minutes walk.

How long does the visit of the Uffizi Gallery take?

The duration of the visit of the Uffizi depends on which type of visit is most desired. We recommend you to reserve a couple of hours for the most important works of art of the museum.

How long does it take to stay in line if I do not do reserve the ticket?

It depends. The line may change up to the season of the year. Between March and October, during the long weekend and feast days the line may be very long and the waiting time can be of 2/3 hours.

Can I take photos or videos inside the museum?
Yes but without flash.
Which is the minimum age required to visit the museum?

Children under 12 years old can visit the Uffizi just with the company of an adult.

How long does it take to stay in line if I have the reservation?

The visitor with the reservation can access the museum through a door dedicated to the reserved people.  With this procedure the waiting times are strongly reduced, usually it takes just a few minutes. The security procedures are anyway mandatories: each visitor has to wait for its turn at the metal detector once inside the museum.

What happens the first Sunday of the months once the museum is free?

Visitors can visit the Uffizi for free but they cannot reserve the tickets, therefore they have to stay in line.

Can one have lunch at the Uffizi snack bar?

Yes, just with the lunch purchased at the snack bar. It is not possible to eat packed lunch. At the snack bar you may find Italian breakfast, sandwiches, snacks, drinks and light lunch.

Which are the most important artworks to see?

Starting from the romantic painting of Cimabue the path shows Giotto’s gothic revolution until the decorative richness of late gothic of Gentile da Fabriano. Examples of the renovations of the Renaissance are the works of art of Masaccio, Paolo Uccello, Piero della Francesca and Filippo Lippi. The great period that Florence lived under Lorenzo il Magnifico is represented in the artworks of Sandro Botticelli, the Birth of Venus and the Allegory of Spring. The exposition proceeds with the paintings of Leonardo da Vinci and the only one painting which is an attested Michelangelo’s artwork: the Doni Tondo. It follows with the famous works of Raphael and Tiziano. A vast section is dedicated to Caravaggio’s Baccus and the Medusa and Caravaggio’s followers as Artemisia Gentileschi. The museum path ends with the neoclassical paintings of the Eighteenth Century, prelude of modern art.

Is it possible to eat inside the Uffizi’s rooms?
No. It is possible to eat just in the space of the snack bar.
How are the works of art exposed?

The Uffizi art collection follows a chronological order.

Does the Uffizi tickets include also the entrance of other museums?

No. The Uffizi museum ticket includes just temporary expositions when they are organized.

Is there a bar inside the Uffizi Gallery?
Yes, at the last floor of the museum. It also has a panoramic terrace.



Does the ticket purchased on for the Uffizi Gallery include possible temporary expositions?

Yes, it does. The ticket that you purchase on our web site includes always the temporary expositions on schedule. The price of the ticket has an extra charge for this occurrence.

Is the Vasari Corridor included in the ticket for Uffizi Gallery?

No, it is not. The entrance for the Vasari Corridor has to be reserved separately with a guided tour accompanied by an authorized guide. The visitors willing to visit the corridor have to join such tour or reserve a private tour that implies an extraordinary opening and a private guide.

Is the voucher that I receive per e-mail actually the entrance ticket for the Uffizi?
No it is not. The voucher authorizes the visitor to get the entrance ticket. The voucher has to be printed and presented at the ticket office, through the door for reserved people, so that the line can be avoided.
Which is the door I have to go through with my reserved ticket?

The visitor with the reservation need to present themselves at door nr 3, 15 minutes before the time of entrance written on the voucher.  The door is under the porch of the Uffizi. The voucher must be printed and presented on paper.

Are there any discounts for families?


Should I pre-pay the ticket?

Yes. The ticket has to be paid when it is ordered.

At Uffizi gallery is there an entrance reserved for people with bookings?

Yes. Visitors with pre-paid ticket have a privileged entrance that avoids the line. Entrance information are reported on the reservation voucher that will be sent by e-mail once the on-line purchase is completed. The voucher must be printed.


Are there any audio guides that I can rent at the museum?
Yes, audio guides may be rented inside the museum just after the metal detectors.
Can I reserve the audio guides?

No, they cannot be reserved. Usually getting the audioguide is a very simple procedure and it does not create line.

How much does the Uffizi audioguide cost?

Each audioguide cost 6,00 euro per person. The double audioguide costs 10,00 euro.

Which is the duration of the audioguide?

Each audio guide lasts 2 hours. The path may be customized accordingly to the choices of the visitor that can select room and artwork. It is not mandatory to follow the path recorded in the audioguide.


Do people older than 65 years old have any reductions to visit the Uffizi Gallery?

No. Law do not consider anymore this reduced condition and there are not any other reductions for people older than 65 years old.

Which documentation does the visitor need to bring in order to attest the belonging of a particular category that has reduction of free admission?
Retired teachers have any reductions?

No. Possible reductions for teachers are valid just if the teacher is still in service.

Do teachers pay at the Uffizi?
Who is entitled to enter with the reduction at Uffizi?

Reduced price ticket is for citizens of the EU aged 18 to 25 years of age and teachers of the Italian schools with open-ended contract.

Who is entitled to enter with the free ticket at Uffizi?

To know all the categories that have the free admission for the Uffizi, please click on the following link:

From which age do children start to pay at Uffizi?

Children under 18 years old of any nationality enter for free. Children from 0 to 6 years old (not accomplished) do not need to be reserved to jump the line. Children from 6 to 17 years old visit Uffizi gallery for free but they need to reserve the ticket if they want to jump the line.

What about journalists, what did they have to do to access the museum to avoid the line?

Journalists enter for free but without the reservation they do the line. If they want to jump the line they need to reserve the under 18 years old ticket.


Can I book the ticket for the Uffizi online and pay it at the ticket office when I arrive?

No. The ticket has to be paid on line when the ticket is ordered.

Can I pay the ticket on line with a bank transfer?

Yes, but the day of the visit has to be later than the day in which the order is made of at least 3 working days. The copy of the bank transfer has to be sent by fax or e-mail at our office. Paying by bank transfer the places won’t be reserved until we do not receive the money in the account.  This means that if at the arrival of the money the availability is finished, Italy Travels will refund the total amount of the bank transfer.

Once I ordered the tickets on should I print the voucher?

Yes. We will send the voucher per e-mail once the order is correctly send and paid. The visitor has to make sure he can print the voucher and present it the day of the visit at the entrance dedicated to the visitor with booking.

How can I pay the ticket for the Uffizi gallery?

At the end of the reservation form the system indicates all the methods of payments as credit card, PayPal and bank transfer.

If I do not print the voucher can I receive it at the hotel?
Yes but our customer care has to be advised on time during the office hours.
Can I access the museum by showing the voucher on mobile phone instead that on paper?

No. The voucher must be presented on paper. In case the visitor has problems in printing the voucher or in case the voucher is lost, our customer care is available and can be contacted by phone. Our staff will provide the visitor with the voucher. If the visitor wishes to print the voucher again it is possible to do this directly on our site at the section “Download your voucher”.


Can I change the day or the time I reserved?

The time and day of the reservation can be changed by paying a penalty of 4,00 euro for each ticket and accordingly to the museums’ availability. In any case the request of change must be communicated to our office at least one day before the day reserved. It is not possible to move a booking relative to a passed day.

Can I cancel the reservation? How much does it cost?

The ticket can be cancelled and the percentage of penalty that has to be paid varies accordingly to the distance between date in which the cancellation is communicated and the day of the visit. The minimum penalty is in any case 8,00 euro per ticket. For more information about the cancellation policy please visit the following page:


Can I take an umbrella inside the Uffizi Gallery?
Just little umbrellas of small dimension can be taken inside the bags as personal objects.
Strollers can be taken inside the Uffizi museums?
Yes, they can be taken.
Are beverages and liquids admitted inside the museum?
No. Beverages have to be purchased in the snack bar or at the vending machines.
Are rucksacks admitted inside the museum?
Yes but they have to be little.
Is there the luggage room at the Uffizi museum?

Yes, the luggage room is a free service provided by the museum.

Are dogs admitted inside the Uffizi museum?

Just guide dogs are admitted, for any other animals the access is denied.


Are there lifts inside the Uffizi museum?

Yes. The lifts at the Uffizi can bring up to a disable on a standard wheelchair.

Are Uffizi museums accessible for people on wheelchair?

Yes, as long as the wheelchair has standard dimensions that permits the chair to fit in the lift. Wheelchairs that fit in the lifts are available inside the museum for free. As they cannot be reserved their availability is not guarantee.

Being a disable people, do I have to book the ticket for the Uffizi gallery?

The disable visitor (of any percentage of disability) and a person accompanying him/her can enter to the Uffizi for free and without reservation, they jump the line in any way.

Is it possible to get a wheelchair inside the Uffizi gallery?

Yes. They are for free but they are not bookable, therefore their availability is not guaranteed.


Does the person accompanying the disable people pay at the Uffizi museum? Does s/he have to reserve?

No. The person accompanying the disable people enters for free and also without the reservation s/he jumps the line.

Is it possible to have a guide service at the Uffizi Gallery?

Yes. The guide service can be reserved in advance on our site. It can be a private tour, with a private guide, or a group tour; therefore the visitor joins a pre-formed group.

How much is for a guided tour at the Uffizi gallery?

The group tour costs 39,00 euro per person and it includes the fast track ticket. The cost of the private tour depends on the number of the participants and the period of the year chosen. It is possible to get an estimate by calling our number 0039 055 2670402 or directly at the following web page:

How much is the cost of a ticket for the Uffizi gallery?

The base cost of the full ticket is 8,00 euro but it may vary in case temporary expositions are scheduled. On this cost base there are the following costs to add: the cost for the resevation and the cost for the online pre-sale.
For more information click the following link: